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Parent and Whanau Feedback

Little Engines has really brought out the best in Maisie. She is growing into a curious and confident little learner and a very happy little lady. We can’t thank you and the wonderful teachers enough for all the time, energy and guidance that you have given to her.

What a very special place you have created for Little Engineers to grow. It’s been amazing for us to be part of the Little Engines family and we are really going to miss you all.

We will of course continue to recommend Little Engines as a truly exceptional preschool and would love to keep in touch.

– Maisie’s mum and dad

I wanted to say thank you for taking such great care of Mabel. I suspected she would struggle a bit with the transition but to be honest I have been really surprised by how well it is going!!! You and Mamatha and all the staff have somehow been able to make us feel like Mabel is the most important kid there, it has felt like she has had so much attention and special care, and although we have no idea how you do it we know you make every parent feel that way!!
You guys are awesome.

– Emmett and Mabel’s mum

Please accept our recognition of the calm, caring supportive guidance given to Rhian in the development of her respect, self-responsibility, kindness (all family values) and her thirst for learning. The individualised nurturing of her learning with quality staff and a well resourced classroom was of great benefit to Rhian and prepared her very well for her transition to school. The regard for independence, concentration plus courtesy and how to be mindful of other people and the environment offered Rhian and excellent early childhood education setting.

– Rhian and Laila’s grandma and grandad

I have been blown away by the depth of knowledge, commitment and caring shown by the wonderful team at Little Engines. The physical environment and resources are clearly of the highest standard, but it is the team who make it such an awesome place to be.

In a matter of mere weeks, displaying empathy, insight and extensive experience, they have managed to bring my very shy daughter out of her shell – giving her life skills that I now delight in seeing her demonstrate at home, her extracurricular activities and social situations.

On top of that her learning has sky-rocketed, including practical and numerical skills and her creative output.

‘engines’ as she calls it, has been the best start to my child’s education I could have hoped for.

– Gabriella’s mum

Thank you so much for giving Charlotte the amazing confidence and eagerness to learn before she started primary school. She has learnt more with you than she had at her last two years at preschool and she absolutely thrived in your fun, challenging and creative environment. She has settled in so well at school and the teachers have been impressed with her writing and numerical skills and her approaches to solving tasks. I know this is due to your fabulous team and the dedication you gave Charlotte to prepare her for school.

– Charlotte’s mum

Thank you so much for everything – I feel so privileged to have had Marlo at Little Engines. It is an inpirational, warm and unique place you have created and it has been such a haven for Marlo during big changes in her little world.

– Marlo’s mum

Thank you fopr providing such a wonderful learning environment – Zella has thrived during her time at Little Engines, fully prepared for her next big step.

– Zella’s mum

My wife and I are very happy our daughter is at Little Engines.

She simply loves it. Whereas at her previous daycare she was very anxious about the thought of her Mum or Dad leaving during the morning drop off, now she struts in to Little Engines without hardly looking back over her shoulder.

The passion for ECE exhibited by Justin the owner and his teachers coupled with the great facilities at Little Engines makes it an excellent place for pre-schoolers to learn and grow.

– Hannah’s dad

I dropped Skye off this morning, and she continues to be completely hooked on Little Engines. The smile on her face in the morning and evenings when she attends says it all. Good work…your team have clearly hit the right buttons with her.

– Skye’s dad