From an early age children are developing a sense of order and they actively seek to sort, arrange and classify their many experiences.

Sensorial Materials aid the child in the refinement of his senses. Each of the sensorial materials isolates one quality such a color, weight, shape, texture, size, sound smell etc. The child is involved in pairing, grading and sequencing these materials.   They will use cubes, prisms and long rods to build and help develop his powers of discrimination. Precise language such as loud/soft, long/short, rough/smooth, circle, square, cube and so on is then attached to these sensorial experiences to make the world even more meaningful to the child.

Many of the sensorial exercises are also an important preparation for later learning. When the child grasps the knobs of the cylinder blocks, he does so using the same fingers for holding a pencil so preparing his hand for success at writing. When the child works with the pink tower they carry each cube to the mat making the journey ten times.  Where possible the sensorial materials contain sets of ten objects giving the child indirect exposure to the basis of our decimal system.