The Importance of Choosing the Right Childcare Centre

Whether it was a matter of months or years, your child was largely with you for the first part of your life – and now it’s someone else’s turn! It’s a big decision, selecting a childcare centre in Auckland for […]

Teaching Literacy the Montessori Way

Parents are often attracted to Montessori for the way that numeracy and literacy is taught. From when you first enter a Montessori centre, you’ll notice enticing bright pink and blue sandpaper letters (made of sandpaper so that children not only [...]

Supporting your Toddler’s Development through a Montessori Lens

The toddler brain is one that fascinates me both, as a teacher and a parent. You go from having a baby that is so dependent on you for everything – from eating to toileting, to having a little human who […]

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We're now taking enrolments for 2021.
We're now taking enrolments for 2021.