Practical Life

The Practical Life component of the Montessori approach is the link between the child’s home environment and the classroom.

The child’s desire to seek order and independence finds expression through the use of a variety of materials and activities which support the development of fine motor as well as other learning skills needed to advance to the more complex Montessori equipment. The practical life materials involve the children in precise movements which challenge them to concentrate, to work at their own pace uninterrupted, and to complete a cycle of work which typically results in the feelings of satisfaction and confidence.

Practical life encompasses four main areas:

    • Control of Movement (e.g. carrying a tray, unrolling a mat)
    • Care of the Person (e.g. tying laces, washing hands)
    • Care of the Environment (e.g. sweeping, dusting, polishing)
    • Grace and Courtesy (e.g. greeting, offering, accepting)


practical life